Cert-Careers ( certainty in careers )

December 21, 2021

Hey you, yeah you! I am talking to you.

I have a question for you, "What is the most memorable journey you had"?

You: Something.

Thats interesting, where did the journey begin? and where did it end?

You: Something.

Let me tell you about this incredible journey, which we all started! and we all know how it ends.

That journey is Life, we all know how it ends, and how it started.

But there is no single place you can go to where you can learn 'How to Life' better, there is no book which tells you a better approach to 'Life', because everyone's life a unique occurrence, everyone's occurrence

The thing that make life beautiful is the unexpected nature of events, how they happen, when they happen. The 'Uncertainty'

About the author:

Hi, I am Jaswanth. I wrote the blog you're reading, if you like this, you might like some of my other blogs too. If you're up for a discussion on this, let's do it. A bit about myself, I am WordPress webmaster and Digital marketer by Profession, I strive try to do things in a better and effective way. I keep learn things and believe we, as humans are 'Learners for Life'. I am an Hubspot certified Inbound professional and huge advocate for Inbound marketing.

About me 🙂

I am Jaswanth Chadalavada, I believe in building long lasting bonds and ever adapting Workflows, At the core of my heart I care about people and it reflects in the way I interact and the work I do.
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