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November 20, 2021

I (tried) learnt JavaScript more times than I tried to make love.

Understanding Methods inside JavaScript

const methodInside = 
   key: 'value',
   key1: 'value1',
   addKeyAndKey1: function()
     return this.key+this.key1;

The object 'methodInside' has a function inside it, any function that is inside an object is called a 'Method'

Arrow Function

Arrow function is a compact way of writing Functions in JavaScript

const a = (arg1) => 
    do functionThings;
    return or dont return;

We have arguments to the left of the arrow, and to the right we have statements, or we can simply return stuff without the return keyword.

const a = (arg1) => arg1 + 10; 
const a = arg1 => arg1 + 10;

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