Learning JavaScript from Jon Duckett's JavaScript and jQuery book

October 1, 2021

My experience with courses

I have started more courses than I finished, maybe I have completed less than 20% of all the courses I ever started. I always thought video courses are best way to learn from beginning to end, but I very slowly realised that is not true.

What my brother told me?

Learn from documentation, read the documentation, it is the best way to learn

- Raju Bhai, my brother

He told me that more than 365 days ago, just like everything he advice's me to do, I didn't do it immediately. Finally I decided I should learn JavaScript and found a very visually compelling book to do so.

Visual presentation inside the book (Please ignore my fingers)

I started learning from the book, and I am actually understanding the fundamentals of the JavaScript ( at least I think so ). A disclaimer, I did learn JS several times before, from FreeCodeCamp, from Brad Traversy courses on both Udemy and on Youtube but I always stopped in the middle, because I was completing the courses but not actually learning those courses.
This time the goal is to 'learn' JavaScript and document everything I learn, because I understand things better when I can break it to myself.

Day 0:

I want to refer all the days before this blog as 'Day 0', so it might make me look good,


In JavaScript, we create things which will end up representing real world 'THINGS', we use 'OBJECTS' to represent/create them inside JavaScript, so everything inside JS is an Object.


- Jesse


There are millions on cars in the real world, and there might be millions in our JS program/application, in JS world an object like car will have properties which define that instance of object.

Properties for the objects help us identify/define different objects.

Properties are like characteristics in real live.

- jon duckett

This might be where the abstraction or 'very easy to see' similarities ends.


Actions which can change the Properties of the Objects.
Like in a real life, you can 'Accelerate the Car', accelerating is an event which can change the state of the Car.
Similarly Events are actions performed on the Objects which can change the 'Properties' of the 'Object'


Methods are functions ( instruction set create for a specific task ) inside the object.
Like, Our Car object will have a decreaseSpeed() inside the object definition to which changes the value of a object property.

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