My Skill Set

WordPress Webmaster

About WordPress

WordPress is open source Content Management system powering over 31% websites on the internet and commanding 61% market share in the world of CMS [ Content Management System ]. WordPress was initially a publishing system which matured with time to meet various needs of the internet. I started my journey with WordPress like many out there, by installing themes and plugins and making design changes to meet the clients desired design and functionality. It was easy to get started with WordPress and I thank Naveen Raju for introducing me to the WordPress ecosystem.  

My Experience with WordPress

I have been a WordPress Webmaster for nearly 4 years now. As a webmaster, my primary job was to design and maintain WordPress sites, but the most important job I did was to acquire clients by communicating effectively on how we can do a better and how we fundamentally feel responsible for clients business growth. I built WordPress websites using nearly all major WordPress page/theme builders, and finally settled for Oxygen Builder which is the next best thing to custom coding. Learn more on why I moved to Oxygen Builder. I designed 'Inbound Web design' by bringing the best of 'Inbound Marketing' and 'Growth Driven Design', by Inbound Web design we can design highly effective websites which will help both the visitor & businesses owners. View Inbound Web Design

Facebook Digital Marketer

Facebook Marketing not only involves marketing on Facebook but it includes marketing across all available Facebook Platforms, Facebook, Messenger and Instagram.
I worked as Facebook Marketer which mostly involved creating Ad Campaigns and Ad Buying. I always wanted to implement full-fledged Social Media Strategies, which includes creating User Personas, Buyers Journey and effective Remarketing campaigns but never got the opportunity to implement what I have learnt, and I will be more than happy to do it for your Business or with your Business.

Organisational Workflow Optimisations

I haven't done this professionally for other organisations but I have worked with small team and found workflows will increase the overall efficiency of systems. I see myself a natural problem solvers and as an Idea Man'.
More specifically I would be able to create Process, Procedures and build Workflows after I understand the in's and outs of your business. My approach would be people first, for both B2B and B2C businesses.

About me 🙂

I am Jaswanth Chadalavada, I believe in building long lasting bonds and ever adapting Workflows, At the core of my heart I care about people and it reflects in the way I interact and the work I do.
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